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underway. >> and they're heading to santa rosa for the final stage of the tour. >> the sun is shining for all of the events going on. a 30 -- it's sunday, may 19th at 8:30. >> i'm ann. >> and i'll phil. they wrapping up a statewide race race and heading from san francisco to santa rosa. look at that map. the eighth tour of california began at 8:15 along marina green in san francisco. the cyclists crossing the golden gate bridge and did that and they making their way, continuing on with the 81-mile trek north to the finish line in santa rosa. >> and we have a view from the air. a live look of those cyclists making their way. the chp first closed down the golden gate bridge to vehicles. the riders past the bridge right now north of the bridge. the tour began last sunday in escondido down in southern california. and by the end of today, the cyclists will have travelled more than 750 miles of california coastlines and roadways. and some scary news from yesterday along the tour route. a chp officer controlling traffic during yesterday's race through contra costa county was injured in a car
to -- the race will end in santa rosa. aeg is running both the tour and beta breakers and it says the cyclists and runners won't impact each other. security is guaranteed to be heightened after a bomb scare near stage 7 of the tour yesterday in livermore. the alameda county sheriff's office bomb squad used its robert to investigate -- robot to investigate it. they closed several downtown streets just a few hours after the tour raised -- raced through. >> when they told us to come in, that's when -- and lock the door, that's when i knew, okay, something is really going on and finally somebody asked what's going on and they said it was an incident. >> police told outdoor diners to move inside and some businesses were told to close and evacuate. the bomb squad later determined the box was filled with postcards and was not a threat. >>> a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. we will give you a view overhead as the cyclists across the landmark. set to be on that bridge at 8:20 this morning and the chp is going to hold traffic for five or 10 minutes while the tour crosses the bridge. >>
around the bay area. temperatures getting close to 80. some of the warmer places out by santa rosa and fairfield, it's windy. gusts up to near 30 miles per hour at sfo. it's the wind we'll be watching this weekend along with warming and drying conditions. a look at those changes in the forecast when we come right back. >>> more than 100,000 people are expected to converge in the city tomorrow for the 102nd bay to breakers race. >> due to the bombings at the boston marathon, this year's race will take place under an unprecedented level of security. we have more on what to expect and what authorities are asking every fan to do. >> reporter: the countdown to the zaniest foot race in the country is on. bay to breakers participants are ready for a good time. >> every walk of life in every imaginable costume, some not wearing anything at all. >> we're going as the goth family. >> reporter: mark and his kids plan to spice up last year's costumes and add an official registration bib. >> this is the first time i've ever registered. i'm a bay area native. i never got numbers before. >> repor
a warmup today. 50 in santa rosa, 48 in napa right now, 53 livermore, low 50s union city and los gatos at 49 degrees. of course, bay to breakers this morning. temperatures at 7:00 will be in the mid-50s. skies will remain sunny. by 9:00 60 degrees. 11:00 numbers in the mid-60s with mild weather and very little wind and by 1:00 we are approaching near 70 degrees downtown san francisco. looking gorgeous today. hotter weather on the way tomorrow. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news overnights. san francisco firefighters worked to contain a two alarm blaze in the mission district. it broke out inside a three story apartment building on valencia between 16th and 17th streets around 1:30 this morning. blaze destroyed several units in the apartment. no injuries have been reported and a cause has not yet been determined. >>> ready, set, get ready toss, the wacky san francisco tradition known at bay to breakers kicks off in a couple hours. it's the 102nd annual running of the race. the race will start downtown at main and howard and cross over the hay street hill over golden gate park an
there in santa rosa. yesterday's leg of the race began in the east bay where riders scaled their way up mount dee object low summit. leopold keany won that stage. by the end of today, they will have traveled more than 750 miles of california coast lines and roadways. >>> now, a chp officer controlling traffic during yesterday's race was injured in a car crash. he was on a motorcycle on marsh creek road in brentwood when a car suddenly inurned front of him, causing the collision. the officer was air lifted to a hospital in walnut creek, but good news, chp says he's doing well and could be released from the hospital later today. >>> the advice for anyone who wants to see bay to breakers or cyclists on the golden gate bridge, leave your car at home. but if you do have to drive, elizabeth wenger shows us alternate routes for today's big events in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. we have a couple big events happening around san francisco that could cause some pretty big traffic tie-ups. first, it's the final stage of the amgen tour of california. it starts at marina green 589:15 this morning
francisco and end in santa rosa. again, lots of fans waiting to see the first cyclist take off. we are told that it should probably -- the 19 mile course should probably take between 45 to 50 minutes for each rider and each cyclist taking off in 1 minute intervals and more coverage later on at 5:00 and 6:00. live from san jose, janine de la de la vega, ktvu news. >> thank you, it looks like fun. it starts the same day as the bay to breakers race. and there will be tighter security after last month's bombings at the boston marathon. they added security cameras to various spots along the route and installed see through trash cans that can be easily searched. large backpacks are banned from the event. police are encouraging anyone who sees anything suspicious on the route to alert authorities immediately. the government's former top tax checker faced tough questions this morning on capitol hill. >>> ousted irs commissioner steven miller testified before the houseways and means committee. he admitted the irs's behavior were wrong but insisted they were not motivated by politics. >> you can ass
through accept rosa, the riders cover just over 81 miles. the crowd in santa rose says expected to be the largest to watch the winner cross the finish line. >> someone one the jackpot. 10, 13, 14, 22, 52. for the winning powerball number, match this number and you're a winner. tonight it is 11. >> heart break. no big winner in california but one bay area person is a lot richer. sergio quintana is live in san jose. reporter: people -- customers of this 7-eleven in san jose should check their tickets because someone is holding a ticket that matched all the numbers except for the powerball. this 7-eleven in san jose and another in kearn county sold the winning ticket. california lottery officials say someone matched five numbers without the powerball and that's worth a little more than $2.3 million a couple hours before the drawing people waited in line at cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo. some people played plenty for a chance amount a $600 million prize. >> do you have a story to tell your friends at work. >> when we win and i don't go back to work? yeah. i'm not sure. i'll thin
medical center. a computer program increased the chances for a multiple match transplant. santa rosa residents was one of the recipients. >> when we finally met each other a couple weeks after the surgery, we made a vow to each other that we would meet again on the one year anniversary to celebrate the miracle of us all being here. >> one of the other recipients said what made his kidney transplant special was the fact he got it from someone he knew, instead of a stranger. they stress that kidney donation is a life saving gift anyone can give. >> in san jose, people camped out gofer night for a chance to get free dental service as early as 5:00 this morning at the convention center. it is a two-day clinic put on by the california dental association foundation. kpix5 on why the need for the volunteer service is now greater than ever. >> how long have you been here? >> since 11:30 last night. >> by the time he was able to see a dentist, it was almost 1:00 p.m. >> when we came here last night, we weren't sure if we would get in or not. >> she and her 8-year-old daughter. >> i h
tour ended hours ago in santa rosa. it provided a boost for the economy there as well. the final leg of the cycling race started this morning at marina green of san francisco. then as you can see they rode over the golden gate bridge and rode 80 miles north. the first time the race ended in northern california, rather than starting there. santa rosa officials say that expect the bike race to provide a $7 million boost to the economy. and some people we talked to said they hope it is back next year. >> it is absolutely -- worth every minute of it. it really doesn't impact like the traffic. as much as -- you would expect, it was pretty easy to get here. and -- it was great. and, what it did for local businesses. and perfect tourism was well worth it. >> good night attitude. the eighth year of the amgen tour. the winner this year an american. >> a violent. dangerous tornado touched done near wichita, kansas this afternoon. the tornado knocked down power lines and trees. more than 6,500 customers lost power. the roofs were damaged. windows were shattered by marble-sized hail whipped by t
francisco to santa rosa where the race will end. when it's all said and done, it will be eight stages, 750 miles up the coast of california. what's different this year, they started in southern california and are ending up here in norcal. it's always been the other way around in years past. they are definitely doing it different this year. if you want 12:45 time travel -- time trial, get here as soon as you can. parking is limited. they do advise if you want to get here don't bring a car, bring a bike. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> i get exhausted looking at the track. i just got training wheels off my bike. christina loren is in right now. looks like a great weekend for bike riding. >> it is nice. i don't know if you noticed from the live picture, bob redell is the only one with a jacket on. i saw short shorts. what a beautiful day we have. this is what riders can expect. lets take it right to your amgen tour. this is what we're expecting, temperatures in the 70s, by 2:00 p.m., 70, really nice for them. we've got a major warm-up headed this way for the weekend. look at
that started in southern california and will end in santa rosa. even though it's supposed to be the largest annual spectator sporting event in the state, kpix 5's len ramirez tells us the tour has lost some fans. wren? >> reporter: that's right. the tour is back here in the bay area but you know what? a lot has changed in the world of cycling since it was here last year. lance armstrong has admitted to doping and he was stripped of his 7 tour de france titles. several other past american champions including champions of this race have also admitted doping. cycling fans say they have heard it all and hope the sport finally hit bottom and is now on the way back up. >>> reporter: the color and excitement of professional road cycling has returned to the bay area. >> i like racing better than ballgames. >> fun watching them on television but you want to see what it looks like for real. >> reporter: the amgen tour of california rolled into san jose for an individual time trial, the so-called race against the clock. but after doping scandals involving lance armstrong and other past champions, is c
on of last stage begin begins at san francisco's marina green at:15 and ends in santo rosa and we'll bring the live race tomorrow on morning agencies the 2. coming up a little bit later in sport wrap our josi fonzi has complete highlights from the grueling climb up mount diablo. >> we saw the first america's cup catamaran. the italian luna rossa. the italian proposal include lowering the wind speed limitses and more protective galler for the sailors of traces are set to start july 5m. a married in a small town in virginia turned chaotic when a car plowed into a grew up of people. it happened during the annual celebration of the appalachian trail in damascus near the tennessee state line. another 12-150 were taken by ambulance to the hospital. >>> we heard screams behind us, and he sort of pushed out of the way from it. and we all of us, we all looked back and saw misery. >> authorities believe that the driver may have suffered some sort of medical emergency before the accident took place. >>> in connecticut tonight crews are working to repair damage cause by that devastating rush-hour cr
of california. stage 8 starts at 8:15 this morning in san francisco, ending in santa rosa. the 81-mile course begins at the marina green, crosses the golden gate bridge, passes through sausalita, goes up the coast along highway one. they expect the largest finish ever at the finish line in santa rosa. during yesterday's race there was a bomb square in downtown livermore. a package with southern california labels was left unattended so a bomb squad was called in. a three block area was evacuated. a vender came forward to claim the package and its harmless contents. >>> a chp motorcycle officer escorting the amgen race is hospitalized with moderate injuries after colliding with a car in brentwood. investigators say the driver of the car tried to make a u-turn on march creek road. it happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the chp officer was airlifted to the medical center in walnut creek. >> this morning members of back at the tract yesterday." they began weeding and planting vegetables even though cal berkeley owns the land and approved it for development, occupy members say that's not the
rosa. some say these improvements bring to mind what happened in atlanta where three dozen educators were charged in a cheating scandal. the experts are saying there's no proof bay area schools cheated but those improvements are raising suspicion. >>> it is 7:07, want to check in again with sal, see what's happening on the roads this monday morning. >> you know, the roads look pretty good. there are some trouble spots and there's some slow traffic. the teleplay is a has been up and toll plaza has been up and down. it looks like it's back on the 880 overcrossing. we have slow traffic getting on to the bridge. if you're in san fransisco along northbound and southbound 101 it looks good. no problems on northbound 280 getting to the king street off ramp. if you are driving on the peninsula, 101 and 280 good. 7:07 let's go to steve. >>> thank you and. a very happy friday morning, a little cool out there, some patchy low clouds. it will be sunny today, some of that coolness has settled in, 40s and 30s. 38 in lake county, so there's definitely a chill after yesterday's weak cold front. it d
bars after an overnight shooting in a bar in santa rosa. it happened sortly after 2:00 at the zoo bar on barium avenue. police say 27-year-old anthony martinez had been drinking when he left the bar and fired four shots in the air. the brother tried to get the gun away and was shot in the leg. he's expected to be okay. police say they were unable to retrieve the firearm since an unidentified person grabbed the gun and ran from the scene. >>> the search is growing for the man suspected of killing his wife and two young daughters in humboldt county last tuesday. investigators think 45-year-old shane miller is on the run near the rural town of pe petroila -- town of petroila. police believe he knows the area well. people are being told to stay inside and keep their doors locked. >>> for the first time, the federal government is moving to seize a pot club in san francisco. medical marijuana is legal here in california, but it is banned by the federal government. reports indicate the shombala healing center on mission could be seized at any moment. in 2011, the united states attorney sent
the way north to santa rosa all the way down to santa cruz. beautiful weekend at the beach, as well. now, it does rain in may not this may not so far but we have had as much as 4" of rain in may 1925 the wettest may. we are not going to get that wet this may. i don't think we'll see rain for the next 10 days because high pressure is building back in. where it is raining, seattle, portland, olympia, it is raining even as about an hour north of vegas with some thunderstorms and salt lake city because of the low pressure system that's moving away from us. so what's moving in? it's a big bubble of higher pressure that's sinking air. clouds are formed when the air goes up. you get the opposite of that you're not going to have much cloud cover. so we're not going to see much over the weekend. mainly sunny skies. as high pressure gets closer we'll get warmer especially on sunday and monday where inland communities if you live out there will be out there. close to 90 degrees. say good-bye to that. we are going to get much cooler toward the million of next week as low pressure develops to the nor
california. little bit of rain napao vacaville and vallejo. picking up in southern marin county. santa rosa things are quiet. they've really picked up and more in the east bay. san ramon and fremont to livermore. down to san jose. light rain and along 680. couple reports no rain. you could get light rain for a while. 60s to very low 70s. cool and breezy pattern friday. very chilly saturday. sunday looks good for all the events. >> thank you, steve. it is 7:12. we are staying on top of a serious situation. big problems for the east bay commute. someone on the bart tracks. the third rail's been shut off. very limited bart service in east bay. you can get into san francisco. sal will have much more coming up. >> also is war to blame? who is talking about this theory on the increase scandals in the military. >> how facebook could stall the immigration reform bill in the senate. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still nee
. >>> this is the first time the amgen tour will finish here in the bay area. it will end in santa rosa on sunday. and it will be a busy weekend to be sure. the tour of california collides with the bay to breakers this sunday in san francisco. security will be tight. bomb dogs and more officers will be among the runners. cement trash cans have been replaced with transparent ones. security is increased following the boston marathon bombing boston marathon last month. chief suhr says officers will be ready. >> we have told the officers they have to engage the crowd early and often. this is a great event. it's over 100 years old. we don't expect anything different. >> he says you will see police academy cadets helping out with patrols and 16 other law enforcement agencies helping on sunday including the fbi. we have posted a complete race guide on our website, >> reporter: two men are dead overnight after a shooting on 880 after the end of the golden state warriors game. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec tells us why investigators don't think this is a random act of violence. >> r
-- santa rosa, 79. golden gate bridge, sunny skies and here's the forecast. patchy fog in the morning. expecting even warmer weather in the next few days and the cooling trend starts on tuesday. today's temperatures have come up from two to ten degrees, upper 50s coastside. low 80s inland. the numbers coming up more as this area of high pressure coming closer to the coastline. sunday and monday, we'll expect temperatures to peak as you look at the trend for livermore, 86 tomorrow, 90 on monday. and then get ready for a big dip in those numbers as a trough drops down from the north and really brings in cooler air. we'll also see more cloud consecutive by the middle of next week. tomorrow morning, limited amount of fog. really patchy. along the coastline, temperatures starting in upper 40s to mid-50s. so a game or something going on for the kid, make sure they have an extra larry on for the morning hours. after that you'll be able to take them off. check out the numbers. 80 in the south bay. 79, cupertino. 77, redwood city. 64, half moon bay. downtown san francisco 70. sunset, 66. still
on the town, temperatures are comfortable. accept rose -- santa rosa, 79. golden gate bridge, sunny skies and here's the forecast. patchy fog in the morning. expecting even warmer weather in the next few days and the cooling trend starts on tuesday. today's temperatures have come up from two to ten degrees, upper 50s coastside. low 80s inland. the numbers coming up more as this area of high pressure coming closer to the coastline. sunday and monday, we'll expect temperatures to peak as you look at the trend for livermore, 86 tomorrow, 90 on monday. and then get ready for a big dip in those numbers as a trough drops down from the north and really brings in cooler air. we'll also see more cloud consecutive by the middle of next week. tomorrow morning, limited amount of fog. really patchy. along the coastline, temperatures starting in upper 40s to mid-50s. so a game or something going on for the kid, make sure they have an extra larry on for the morning hours. after that you'll be able to take them off. check out the numbers. 80 in the south bay. 79, cupertino. 77, redwood city. 64, half moo
the power number. >>> since the capsizing of the yacht, the luna rosa carried out maneuvers. the skipper said today's weather was ideal for a first trial and that the real hurdle was being ready to resume sailing after what happened last week. >> the san jose sharks took a big hit. a $100,000 fine by the nhl, after a raffi torres was suspended for an illegal hit during game one, wilson said that the hit was clean and league's decision inappropriate and the league ruled that comment inappropriate and required the teams to wait two days before commenting on a decision. they did not let the find bring them down tonight, in over time, sharks win. reaction from the team coming up in sports. >>> a san francisco man who was found not guilty after attacking a priest that he said raped him as a child is trying to change state law to help other victims. he met with the state senator. he said that the priest raped him when he was 7 years old. the statute of limitations made it impossible for him to be held legally responsible which is why he wanted to meet with the senator. he wants to repeal the s
system dropping in for memorial weekend. 50s on the temps. 40s. santa rosa at 45. napa is 49. look at the cool air is 51. 50 in walnut creek. a little chill to the morning air. westerly breeze. napa is there. also oakland and sfo. it's generally a west or south breeze. but 40s, 50s. 30s in the mountains. but temperatures -- they will rebound slowly today but more so on the weekend. high pressure will nose in. a lot of sunshine today after patchy low clouds and a brisk morning. a little breeze at times. maybe blustery coast and some of the higher elevations. 60s and 70s on the temps. these are slightly below average for this time of year. bay to breakers. patchy low clouds early but mostly sunny late. starting off in the 50s and end up in the 60s. low to mid 60s by the time the race finishes. and temperatures will continue to warm up. especially away from the coast. big cool down starts tuesday. >>> time now 5:10. newly released documents may trigger new terror fears. why the u.s. government gave protection to new suspected terrorists. >>> caught on video. an amazing crash sent the
, they go across the golden gate bridge to the finish line. it had been third zpreet santa rosa avenue these markers are viewing stations. last rider expected to clear this race sunday afternoon. >> still to come at 6:00 bay area power ball players lining up for a chance to make their dreams come through. this has got to be good for the economy. >> in sacramento california's unemployment rate goes down at the same time edd announces it's cutting call center nours half. >> a personal assistant can be expensive. now there is a way to get instant helpers at a price decided by you. i'll show you how. >> cool breeze chilling parts of the by area now but warmer this weekend. the weekend and bay to [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call now for a new low price. u-verse triple play bundles start at $79 a month. get the same gre
on 2. the stage will end in santa rosa. fans gathered at bailey road yesterday to watch the riders test themselves in time trials . a 23-year-old is in the lead. a man from the south bay -- we head west to the golden gate bridge. look at that. expect traffic delays tomorrow for the final stage. riders will make their way north across the bridge around 8:20. they will be grouped into two lanes. chp will have rolling closures for them. >>> if all that wasn't enough tomorrow is also the 21st alcatraz shark fest swim. it starts at 7:50 on the eastside of alcatraz. the swimmers will finish at aquatic park. it'll be monitored. the next one is the escape from the rock event being held on june 2nd. >> today is the last day to register for the beta breakers race. 30,000 who signed up and they can pick up r ace packets. organizer also also take last minute registration at the event. >>> there will be several new security measures in place for the race. runners are being encouraged to use fannie packs instead of large backpacks which have been banned. cameras and see through trash cans have been
in santa rosa. we'll be right back as a kron4 morning news continues. the nation's soon-to-be top tax official -- former san to bto witnesses m the irs, we will bring updates from in the up from this hearing. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. tte butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] >> vista span and are quick to tell you about a 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck near toronto canada. no word on damage or injuries but we will pass on that information as soon as it comes and. once again a 5.0 magnitude earthquake near toronto. >> thousands of registd nurses and the east bay are set to walk off the job this morning against five etc. hospitals. they include all tub based summit medical centers of three campuses in berkeley and oakland even the medical center in castro valley and sutter it dealt the medical center in antioch. the union represe
begins at marina green in san francisco tomorrow. the finish line is in santa rosa. we'll bring you live coverage of the start of the race, right here on mornings on 2. >>> today we saw an america's cup catamaran on san francisco bay that killed a sailor more than a week ago. the team's owner said yesterday he wants to see changes in the cup's safety rules in the wake of andrew simpson's death. the italian proposals include lowering the wind speed limits and requiring more protective gear, including body armor. the cup races are set to begin on july 5th. >>> occupy the farm activists are digging in on their fight over a plot of land in albany. today they returned and reoccupied the site and are getting ready to camp out once again. happening now,ktvu's debra malone has more. >> reporter: that's right. risking arrest for this community garden, still a few dozen people here, some planning to spend the night right next to their first vegetable garden, which was ruined. they planted that one last weekend. take a look. here's the new garden, planted today. >> this land is owned by the regents
valley mid-80s in santa rosa. hottest day coming up will be monday. then gradual cooling, more seasonal tuesday. and then the temperatures begin to go back up again next weekend. by the way, bay to breakers tomorrow. start time 52 degrees. by the finish line breezy at the coast at 62. and the alcatraz sharkfest in the water by 7:00 in the morning, air temperature 52, water temperature between about 58 and 62. and vern glenn's kids, i can't wait until they win that one! we know that they are swimmers. >> and you know, we have that plus amgen tomorrow. something for everybody. >> and baseball. >> yes. and vern. [ laughter ] >> and there he is. >> i got a sharkfest for you. we're a half hour away from them dropping the puck with the kings. >> that's right! >> in a must win game for them. why the sharks are in trouble before game three tonight with the kings and are we going to see a triple crown champion from the preakness? the answer from baltimore in two minutes. repedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three year
. temperatures tomorrow warmer today. near santa rosa. '60s and '70s along the bay these temperatures are more by five degrees in several places. for tomorrow, another five-10 degrees warmer. this live look at the golden gate bridge. with just the patchy fog but otherwise, clear skies. and it is slowly drifting into the bay. but i think that by 8:00 p.m. those could be clearing along the coast. sunshine. otemperatures in the '70s for san francisco. mid '80s were concord and even warmer on monday. with your bay to breakers forecast, coming up. >> the wait is finally over for hundreds of bay area residents who are badly in need of dental care. the california dental association is hosting a the e convention center this weekend. as kron 4's mike pelton shows us.hundreds are willing to wait as long as it takes to fix their teeth. doesn'ne a problem >> dealt with this for years, constantly getting teeth broken me >>reporter: >>reporter: but ron's issue is he does >> getting six extractions ron is among hundrds of peoppl turned the free dental clinic in san jose >> i have had pain so i ca
s and maybe close to 80 out by fairfield and santa rosa. 65, san francisco. mid-70s in san jose today. rest of the weekend will be warmer, especially inland. warmest day for monday. cooler approaching the middle of the week. and that's your latest forecast. lester. >> dylan, thank you very much. this morning, o.j. simpson waiting to hear if a judge in las vegas will grant him a new trial. simpson blames his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction on his former lawyer, saying yale galanter did his job so badly, his conviction should be thrown out. gallaanter defended himself at hearing on friday. lisa bloom joins us. >> good morning, lester. >> more than an awkward exchange. we think of that attorney/client privilege. in this case, simpson had to waive that, and galanter throws him under the bus. did i characterize that correctly? >> absolutely right. the most stunning moment in the courtroom yesterday. yale galanter had to ultimately say that o.j. simpson told him that he knew that his boys as he put it allegedly, were bringing guns into the hotel room. that was the key iss
in concord. in the north bay, 73 in santa rosa. the winds in the interior valley and helps to scour out all the fall we had at the immediate coastline. it's clear here across most of california, so let's get a look here. no delays. that's the great news. looking good in san francisco and across the nation right now. moderate delays with cloud cover, but anywhere else tonight or tomorrow morning looks good on those airport boards. outside to the live sky camera, you can see the flag blowing here. strong from the west off towards the east. we're going to see the winds through saturday and sunday. it's fog free right now, but we will start to get the clouds back at the coastline for tomorrow morning. down to emoryville, you can see it's mainly clear here on this current view, then out towards san jose, it's also looking very sunny this afternoon. now back on the weather graphics, high pressure building offshore. that's going to increase our temperatures 10 to 15 degrees sunday and monday and also giving us the potential of these fire winds coming on the backside of high pressure. mainly out of
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